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The model of commercial cooperation for hydrogen power industry

The  Mode of Commercial Operation For Hydrogen enconmic

We are customer focused and provide superior quality service.

Furuihp supplys hydrogen power interated equipment.

With rich resources,and hydrogen suppliers,hydrogen opertator,fuel cell manufactures,automobile manufactures established a strategic partnership for customer.


Our  Mode of Commercial Operation For Hydrogen enconmic

Our Technical Innovation

Hydrogen refueling station and hydrogen liquefaction plant skid mounted design: realize the modular, specialized andcustomized integrated design and manufacturing, short construction period, easy to upgrade and simple maintenance.

Scale andmass production to reduce costs and achieve the commercializaton application of hydrogen energy equipment, ultimately realize the continuing operation of hydrogen energy industrial chain which is independent of government subsidies;

Equipment + Internet of things: in line with international standards of safety design and control management concepts, advanced industrial applications of hydrogen sensors,transmitters and upload data analysis, to realize the operating status information collection, real-time monitoring, remote control and fault diagnosis of storage and transportation equipment and hydrogen refueling station equipment;

Many years of LNG equipment operationmanagement experience, matured cases of business mode and operation management model.


 Our Industrial Application domonstration


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