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Company profile

Jiangsu Guofu Hydrogen Energy Equipment Co, LTD., (GUOFUHEE) founded in June 2016, located at No. 236, Guotai North Road, Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone, a leading supplier of integrated solutions for the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy equipment in China, specializes in the design, manufacturing and technical services of hydrogen energy equipment from "hydrogen production, storage, transportation and application".

GUOFUHEE's Vehide-mounted hydrogen supply system accounts the majority share in the filed of domestic market, three consecutive years No. 1 title with its market share accounting 43.72% in 2019, 43.17% in 2020, and 37.93% in 2021 respectively. Among 35 batches of Catalogue of Recommended Models for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles, issued from 2019 to 2021 by Ministry of I ndustryand Information Technology (MIIT), above 80% of top 10 market share whide OEMs and fuel cell system integration companies are GUOFUHEE's clients.

From 2019 to 2021, GUOFUHEE's hydrogen refueling station (HRS) market share keeps its leading place, with a cumulative market share of 28.4%, In 2021, GUOFUHEE's HRS market share soars to 56%. There are two 70 Mpa HRS made by GUOFUHEE which keep servicing hydrogen vehides during Beijing Winter Olympic Games. In that way, we achieve breakthroughs in localization of 70 Mpa HRS.


R & D

Our Technical Innovation
Combination of low temperature and high pressure storage technology, interdisciplinary technology and product innovation, to promote the development of hydrogen energy equipment;

Hydrogen refueling station and hydrogen liquefaction plant skid mounted design: realize the modular, specialized andcustomized integrated design and manufacturing, short construction period, easy to upgrade and simple maintenance.

Scale andmass production to reduce costs and achieve the commercializaton application of hydrogen energy equipment, ultimately realize the continuing operation of hydrogen energy industrial chain which is independent of government subsidies;

Equipment + Internet of things: in line with international standards of safety design and control management concepts, advanced industrial applications of hydrogen sensors,transmitters and upload data analysis, to realize the operating status information collection, real-time monitoring, remote control and fault diagnosis of storage and transportation equipment and hydrogen refueling station equipment;

Many years of LNG equipment operationmanagement experience, matured cases of business mode and operation management model.


Corporate vision

Global warming is one of the main features of climate change as; the IPCC report noted that the possibility of man-made emissions of greenhouse gas to be the main reason for climate change is more than 90%; and carbon dioxide accounts 80% of the world’s man-made greenhouse gas emissions; hence, emissions of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, during conventional fossil energy use is the most important reason of climate change.

New energy technology as a source of carbon-free control technology is increasingly attracting the world's attention; Hydrogen is one of the most talked about new energy, a variety of hydrogen production technology achivedconsiderable development andpractical and effective applications.We focus on the whole industrial chain solutions of clean energy, has vision to build a hydrogen energy future home!

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