Hydrogen cell-fuel industry integrated solution

Hydrogen liquefaction engineering and Liquid hydrogen storage & transportation

Hydrogen is highly efficient and clean secondary energy, fossil energy to renewable energy transition is one of the important bridge, will provide new important form for terminal energy utilization. Efficient hydrogen production was the key to the hydroge.

In the global hydrogen energy field, we provide overall solutions, advanced process equipment, standard engineering design principles, tailor-made design options, modular skidding equipment, shorten project construction cycle, make installation simple, standard operation, convenient maintenance, and minimize process energy consumption.

Main products:

- 8-30TPD hydrogen liquefaction units

- Liquid Hydrogen cylinder

- Liquid hydrogen container

- Liquid hydrogen Engineering Procurement Construction

Hydrogen liquefaction and core equipment:

We provide customers with 5-30TPD hydrogen liquefaction process packages, providing solutions for hydrogen long-term storage and long-distance transportation.

The technology channel of the whole industrial chain from hydroelectricity generation to green hydrogen, hydrogen purification, hydrogen liquefaction , liquid hydrogen storage , liquid hydrogen transportation and liquid hydrogen lilling has been opened.

 Engineering and services:

We not only provide customers with EPC engineering services, commissioning and operation services, after-sales warranty services related to liquid hydrogen, but also provide industrial strategy and market dynamic analysis services, flexible and practical innovation, to help customers make full use of every opportunity in this field.


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