Hydrogen cell-fuel industry integrated solution

Electrolytic hydrogen production system

Water electrolysis hydrogen production system can be widely combined with renewable energy, such as hydro-power, wind power and solar energy, to convert electrical energy to hydrogen energy. By means of liquid hydrogen to implement the long distance transmission and storage of the renewable energy, the water electrolysis hydrogen production can be used in various fields, including transportation, industrial and residential utility energy usage, gas power generation and others, which is an ideal way to efficiently convert the excess energy into hydrogen.

The solution of solar-to-hydrogen, decentralize hydrogen production and storage system for single or multi-family residential buildings, co-developed and manufactured by Jiangsu Guofuhee Hydrogen Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. and the European technical partner, which integrates solar power, hydrogen energy, thermal energy, lithium-ion battery and fuel cell, as a multi-energy complementary fully integrated system. By means of energy management system, it can provide autonomy for electricity to meet the entire power needs of household and communities. In addition, the waste heat generated by the system is used to provide heating and hot water. The aim is to minimize the grid load by achieving low or zero grid interaction, which is realized by the use of decentralized long-term energy storage.

Main product

- 500-1000 Nm3/h Alkaline electrolyser

- 4-200 Nm3/h PEM electrolyser

- Fully integrated turn-key system

- Distributed hydrogen production, etc.

- Green hydrogen production solution

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