Hydrogen cell-fuel industry integrated solution

Vehicle hydrogen supply system

on- board hydrogen supply system


Fuel supply of on- board hydrogen supply system is provided by fuel cell engine, which consists of hardware and control system; Tie hardware system consists of alurninum liner hydrogen storage of carbon fiber winding, combined tank valve, excess flow valve, pressure regulating valvepressure/temperature sensorr, etc.


HSC01 hydrogen controller can realize condition monitoring and gas supply control of hydrogen supply system. The device is embedded with real-time operation system, the device integrates solenoid valve control, temperature acquisition, hydrogen concentration acquisition, pressure acquisition. CAN communication and other functions. It is safe and reliable. The device is rich in interfaces and can cover the number of hydrogen cylinders and the number of sensors in various types of hydrogen systems. The device should be used with corresponding wiring harness.

Fully-wrapped carbon fiber reinforced cylinders with an aluminum liner for the on-board storage of compressed hydrogen as a fuel for land vehicles


As a storage container for liquid hydrogen fuel on vehicle, liquid hydrogen cylinder has the highest hydrogen storage density (≥10%wt). The double-layer jacket structure is adopted, the inner and shell are made of austenitic stainless steel, the special multi-layer insulation structure adopts laser welding process, combined with the ultra-high vacuum conditions in the jacket, to ensure the thermal insulation performance in the -253 C liquid hydrogen temperature region. The shell and support system are designed to withstand high impact load of heavy truck under bad driving conditions.

NOTypeVolume(L)Cylinder diameter(mm)Weight(KG)Length(mm)work pressure(MPa)Hydrogen storage volume(m3)Hydrogen storage weight(KG)
2CHG3-348-140-35 S/A14037674180035403.32
4CHG3-348-110-35 S/A1103766114603531.42.61
8CHG3-379-165-35 S/A1654108817853547.13.91
10CHG3-379-130-35 S/A1304107114453537.13.08
12CHG3-379-100-35 S/A1004105811503528.62.37
13CHG3-353-59-70 S/B59410629307028.22.34
Hydrogen power applied in vehicle

Project case for logistic vehicle:

Install 2 pcs cylinders(140L) for 7.5t lgistic vehicle

  • Frame dimension(With fixed mount for FC system)


  • Nominal volume of a singel Hydrogen cylinder

    140L /140L

  • Nominal work pressure


  • Outlet pressure


  • Hydrogen filling weight



Project case for bus

We take the 11m bus as an example, which is equipped with 140L eight-cylinders group hydrogen supply system for vehicle. Main parameters of hydrogen supply system (Note: The volume of hydrogen cylinder can be selected according to specific conditions):

  • Frame geometric dimensioning(Length×width×height)


  • Nominal volume of single cylinder


  • Nominal pressure

    35 MPa

  • Outlet pressure


  • Filling weight


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